You bet we can!! When we integrate 2 or more Standards, the time savings start immediately! It takes some work to combine some of the requirements, but the benefits last for the life of the system. Top Management Benefits Management […]

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You may recognize Deming’s 8th ‘Point’ – Drive Out Fear. There’s no better way to get people ‘engaged’ (ISO 9001, 5.1.1 h) than creating a work environment where people feel listened to and respected for their expertise, no matter how […]

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This is Deming’s 12th point – another great idea that can improve the work environment in any organization! Start with a few questions and see what emerges… Question: Is management REALLY listening? Or are people feeling like no one’s responding? […]

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John Seddon in Freedom From Command and Control identified three things that employees need to get the results you’re looking for:1. Clear Instructions and purpose – what does the ‘right result’ look like?2. Methods that work and make sense3. The […]

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John Seddon, Vanguard Consulting, released a great book called ‘Freedom From Command and Control’. There are plenty of great ideas in there, and I enjoy sharing them with you! Seddon started applying the ‘Toyota Production System’ to the service industry […]

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John Seddon, Vanguard Consulting, published a book in 2005 called “Freedom from Command and Control”. Definitely worth reading if you’re interested in tapping the vast potential of any workforce. One of his interesting ideas is ‘Learn to see, learn to […]

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Three more keys to improve employee engagement…

1. Improve Communications

All organizations can afford to improve communications. In fact, a video I used to show in College included the line, “Communication is a synonym for ‘Life’.” So true…

Sending an e-mail is NOT communication! ‘Communication’ has two components – 1. Send the message…2. Ensure that the message was received and understood in the way it was intended.

2. Management Appreciation Through Actions – a Must

A couple of ways that Management can demonstrate appreciation are to spend time (e.g. 1 hour) with each new employee. Another idea is to have Management serve lunch or a bar-b-que to everyone.

3. Involve Employees in the Design of Recognition Programs

By getting employees involved in the design of their own recognition programs, you’ll be more likely to create programs that resonate with employees. These will suit them better and result in more engagement!

Know Quality, Know Profits…No Quality, No Profits

If you’d like to see how we’ve simplified document management on our cloud-based platform, schedule a demo and we’ll see if it can make your ‘ISO life’ simpler!

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Try this link to find out, “Is This You?”

Since 1992, I’ve seen many things that make life tougher for people who use and improve management systems. These 3 things seem to be more persistent than a lot of other issues, so here we go… First of all, there’s […]

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If your process improvement project has stalled, perhaps Management could give it a boost…if they’re on board! The first key is to make sure they understand the context of the project and how it fits into current circumstances. If a […]

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You’ll notice in ISO 9001:2015 that clause 6.2.2 requires action plans for Quality Objectives. Yikes! Here’s the good news: these plans will help. Design your Action Plans to help you reach your targets – hitting targets will help you improve […]

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    I’ll add you to the list. We’ll be sending out a new round after the FDIS comes out – should be next month – we’ll make sure you get the next ones.

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