Virtual Audits: More Tips – Post #2 of 4

In the last post we set the stage for the brave new world of virtual/remote auditing. It’s here. It’s not going anywhere anytime soon and audit clients will reap some benefits! Registrars will, too. It’s a ‘win-win’ for the ISO world of Management Systems.

A few things to keep in mind

ISO 19011:2018 has more guidance on remote audits and Covid has certainly pushed the envelope. Here are a few more pointers (Clause numbers are from ISO 19011:2018):

  • Get the technology sorted out before the audit (Clause 5.4.3). Be sure to get some practice in ahead of time
  • Make sure you and your Registrar have adequate resources to support collaboration (5.4.4 g). Your Registrar is likely developing capability as we speak. If not, find one who has!
  • Decide with your Registrar if you need an onsite visit at all (5.5.3). It’s an option, except for IATF 16949 – check with your Registrar to get clear on your specific requirements for onsite. If it’s going to cost you money for auditor expenses and you’re not happy about it, remind the Registrar that YOU are the customer.
  • Annex A, Table A.1 shows the ‘Human Interaction’ and ‘No Human Interaction’. Nothing much has changed from what you’re used to except that the human interaction will be virtual!
  • Audit objectives still have to be met – be clear on what they are before the audit. Have access to everything you’ll need to provide enough verifiable evidence for the auditor to draw conclusions.

A floor plan of your location could help and screen sharing will be a must. Test it all out…invest in some technology if you have to. After all, you’ll be saving all that expense money!

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