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Jim Moran, MA Ed., Co-Founder, Simplify ISO Inc., and President of The Learning Alliance Inc has been serving clients like you since 1992. We will help you get certified and stay certified.

Jim has been teaching business professionals since 1977. He has implemented ISO Standards since 1992 with Fortune 500 companies, small to medium sized businesses and the Federal Governments of Canada and Africa. 

He has designed and delivered Lead Auditor courses for QMI (now SAI Global), SGS and BSI, He developed and delivered the Assessor Training Program for Medical Lab assessors who do medical lab accreditation assessment for IQMH – the Institute for Quality Management in Healthcare, Centre for Accreditation.  Jim has implemented 40+ management systems since 1992 including Integrated Management Systems.

Jim served on PC 280 to create ISO 20700:2017 Guidelines for management consultancy services, a standard published for use as a guideline for people or organizations for the assessment of management consulting services. 

Jim and the SimplifyISO team provide you with a cloud-based management system to satisfy all the Standards requirements, client requirements any any other requirements that you have to meet.

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