Virtual Audits: Can We Do More to Prepare?

As we dig deeper into Virtual Audits, let’s take a look at a few more situations to be aware of. These might help reduce stress and make the audit go just a little better!

A few more things to keep in mind…

Screen shots may be helpful, but beware of ‘confidential’ documents. Your auditor has signed a confidentiality agreement with his or her Registrar and your Registrar is bound by law (and contract) to maintain confidentiality. Be sure to let your auditor know that you want to be made aware of any screen shots that they take that could contain confidential or sensitive information.

Make sure any person appearing on screen has given their permission. Most ZOOM meetings have the option of requiring that the host obtain this permission. Find out how your Registrar will take care of this requirement. It may be covered in the contract, or they may have everyone sign a release form.

An unscheduled event could take place that could influence the objectivity of the audit. Be prepared to make adjustments and have a discussion about contingency plans in the opening meeting.

Take breaks to reduce fatigue. Keep an eye on everyone’s energy level and beware of different kinds of fatigue related to the stress of this ‘new’ situation.

Auditors may have to learn some new skills to conduct effective virtual interviews and review verifiable evidence. Give them some help by making sure all of your information is right at your virtual fingertips!

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