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How to Design A Process for Protection

The path to comfort with your risk management plan can be a complicated on one hand and scary on the other. This may help get you started down this path with a plan to work with.  Since the 1960s we’ve […]

What Do Customers Want?

Customers want us to  meet their expectations If we spend the time determining customer requirements, we can increase our resilience if we meet their requirements – ‘Needs + Expectations’. John Seddon has some great ideas on customer satisfaction and delivering […]

Take Me To Your Leader!

The Leadership Clause in all of the popular ISO Standards has some specifc requirements for Management to meet. They’re all helpful and will get Management more involved than ‘back in the day’. ISO 9001 has 10 requirements, ISO 14001 has […]

Risk ‘Principles’ from ISO 31000

Any worthwhile Standard starts with a set of ‘Principles’. ISO 31000 is no exception. Let’s see if we can tie these Risk Principles into a typical ISO Management System. Value Creation and Protection is at the core of this section […]

Stop Doing These 3 Things…

Since 1992, I’ve seen many things that make life tougher for people who use and improve management systems. These 3 things seem to be more persistent than a lot of other issues, so here we go… First of all, there’s […]

Why Cheapest Costs More

If we focus on ‘cheapest’ sometimes there are unintended negative side effects. Buying from us can get harder (if we install cheap software), suppliers ‘cheaper’ product can end up costing us more in inspections, disposing of off-spec product or services […]

Risky Business – the Sequel!

Once the risk requirements showed up in the latest versions of the most popular Standards (ISO 9001, 14001, 45001 and so on…) there was some head scratching going on. There have been thousands of articles and webinars on the topic […]

Simple Transition Path

The International Accreditation Federation (IAF) has identified 5 broad steps to get you from ‘here’ to ISO 9001:2015, (or any other Standard for that matter!) in their paper ‘Transition Planning Guidance for ISO 9001:2015’. This is a review of section 3.1 […]

Your Quality Policy: Rubber stamp or ‘Inspiration’?

Just finished a 4 day QMS audit of an organization and focused the closing meeting around their Quality Policy and Objectives. I held the policy up and pointed to it during the presentation suggesting that they could use their policy […]