What To Do When The Virtual Auditor Comes – Part 1 of 4

As you all know, ISO certified organizations need to have surveillance audits at least annually to keep their certificate valid.

Covid has made face-to-face encounters very dangerous, but the audits must be done to keep supplier organizations’ certificates valid.

These audits will now have to be performed virtually until health risks start to decline. This can cause stress for both the auditor and the auditee unless both parties learn how to use collaboration tools like ZOOM, Skype, Microsoft Teams, Webex and others. Bandwidth could be an issue in some cases with more pressure being put on the Internet. Some organizations will have to upgrade their connection quality.

With equipment testing, training, and the proper preparation, a virtual audit can yield the result both parties want – the auditor will see enough evidence to draw a valid conclusion and the auditee stays certified.

There can be some benefits related to Virtual Audits – more to follow in the next 3 posts…

  • We can stay on schedule better
  • Less travel will reduce environmental issues
  • There are travel expense savings for audit clients
  • Auditors will have more time for their families
  • The audit team can access auditors with special expertise all over the world
  • Auditees can work in the comfort of their own spaces

This is just the tip of the Covid iceberg…stay tuned…

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