Is This You?

Here are some of the things our clients used to struggle with:

It feels like our Certification is just for show.

Securing resources for and time from Management and employees to complete certain requirements, e.g. documentation update, internal audits, management review, corrective action.

It is a challenge to demonstrate any Return on Investment we've made in our system

Management of multiple work sites

Keeping all employees motivated to follow the procedures they created and complete the necessary forms to verify implementation and generate the necessary records.

Ensuring that changes to the organization and/or its processes are assessed for ISO conformance.

Ensuring that any metrics that are introduced are used for system improvement (closing the PDCA cycle).

Getting internal audits done as scheduled

Getting top level management to be involved & parts of the organization not following any process i.e. circumventing the system to get their results building silos. Documentation & administration of program

Employee buy-in.



Do you to find any of these things annoying about managing your system?

Lack of dedicated resources to support certification.

Some of the constraints built into the system from predecessors. One of my first tasks was to simplify and streamline processes.

Trying in get consensus on process design. extremely painful to reach a common ground on many subjects.

Staying on top of calibration and Corrective Actions

To ensure that everyone understands the value this certification adds to the organization. Make all employees aware that their activities are relevant to the achievement of quality and company objectives

Changes to processes and organizational structure were happening too fast for them to be captured in our system docs in a timely manner.

Document control/approvals

Administration and documentation

Not having a completely electronic document system.

Our Platform helps with all of these concerns...and more...



Clients of Simplify ISO love the simplicity, elegance and ease-of-use we've provided them with our one-of-a-kind cloud-based Management System platform.

Case Study: GEM Healthcare

Testimonial by GEM Healthcare

Speaker: Gaye Moffet, Founder, GEM Healthcare

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

GEM Healthcare Services has a core staff of 7 people and about 100 service providers in the field. Since 1994, GEM has been delivering quality home care services to private patients and professional support staff to Ottawa hospitals.

One of their challenges was managing hundreds of documents required for Ontario Home Care Accreditation. They decided to get certified to ISO 9001:2008 to replace their Accreditation. By putting their existing documents into the Simplify ISO framework, they were able to make document control much easier and make their procedures and forms available to the field staff.

Our simplified framework made it easier for the office staff to access internal documents, too. With everything at their fingertips, office staff can now find things much more quickly – even without the added bonus of the handy ‘search’ function.

Their system now gives GEM quick access to information they might need to fulfill any regulatory/legal requirements for reporting to Regulators in the Health Care industry.

Case Study: Kilmarnock Enterprise

Testimonial by Kilmarnock Enterprise

Speaker: Mark Blackwell, Quality Assurance, Kilmarnock Enterprise

Smiths Falls, Ontario, Canada

Kilmarnock Enterprise has about 80 employees in two locations, most of whom work at industrial client sites doing repairs and installations that Kilmarnock has designed and fabricated. They also do design, machining and service work for a wide variety of industrial businesses.

An organization like Kilmarnock always faces challenges around keeping track of myriad documents associated with the projects that they deliver: design, fabrication, machining and service delivery. They use hard copies in job files for much of the tracking, but are benefitting from having blank forms and procedures all in one place. With 80 employees, it was not always possible for them to get to a file drawer to retrieve a procedure or form. Now they can access them with any mobile device.

The creation of their management system on our platform was a great opportunity for them to easily document some new processes and strengthen existing processes. This lead to improved control of workflow, and improved control of materials going to a job site. They also find the ‘Supplier Evaluation’, and ‘Customer Satisfaction’ on-line forms and related reports for review very handy.

Universal accessibility, including reports for assessing system effectiveness has been a big plus for Kilmarnock. The ease of document revisions has reduced the workload for their Quality Management Representative and access to Non-conformance reports has made it easier to meet NC/OFI close-out deadlines.