New Podcast: Protecting Your Data: ISO 27036-1: Overview of Risks and Best Practices – Guidance for Supplier Relationships

Howard and Jim chat about  ISO 27036 Part I – Protecting Your Data: Overview of Understanding the Risks and Best Practices Guidance for Supplier Relationships.

Points discussed include:

  1.  Why is due diligence important when choosing suppliers?
  2.  Why it’s important to evaluate the security practices and capabilities of suppliers to make sure that they meet your information security requirements.
  3. What are the key factors to consider when evaluating supplier relationships for information security practices and capabilities?
  4.  Why you need to have processes to manage the information security risks with interacting with your suppliers.
  5.  Why you need to create a culture of information awareness, make sure every day, every single person in your in your organization is thinking information security all day long!

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