New Podcast: Information Security in Supplier Contracts: ISO 27036 Part 2, Clause 7.5 – Supplier Termination Process

Howard and Jim chat about  ISO 27036-2, Clause 7.5 – Supplier Termination Process.

Points discussed include:

  1.  How important is it for organizations of all sizes to prioritize information security?
  2.  What are some challenges organizations face when it comes to supplier relationship termination?
  3.  How can ISO standards help organizations in managing their supplier relationships and information security?
  4.  What are some potential risks or consequences of not properly terminating a supplier relationship?
  5.  How can organizations ensure a smooth and secure transition when terminating a supplier relationship?
  6.  What role does communication play in the supplier termination process, particularly in terms of information security?
  7.  What are some best practices for creating a termination plan within a supplier agreement?
  8.  How can organizations protect their information and intellectual property during and after a supplier relationship termination?
  9.  What steps should organizations take to ensure legal and regulatory compliance during the supplier termination process?
  10.  How can organizations evaluate the effectiveness of their supplier termination process in terms of information security?

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