New Podcast: Cybersecurity in Supplier Relationships: ISO 27036 Part 2, Clause 7.2 – Supplier Selection Process

Howard and Jim chat about  ISO 27036-2, Clause 7.2 – Supplier Selection Process.

Points discussed include:

  1.  How can organizations effectively plan their supplier relationships to mitigate information security risks?
  2.  What are some real-life examples of information security breaches and their impact on organizations?
  3.  Why is it important for organizations to communicate the importance of information security to all employees, and how can top management lead by example?
  4.  What are some key elements that should be included in a supplier relationship plan to ensure information security?
  5.  How can organizations assess and manage risks in their relationships with suppliers?
  6.  Why is it impossible to eliminate all information security risks, and how can organizations determine acceptable levels of risk?
  7.  What role does legal and regulatory compliance play in supplier relationship planning for information security?
  8.  How can organizations ensure that their suppliers are complying with information security requirements and addressing potential risks?
  9.  What are some considerations for evaluating new suppliers in terms of their information security impact?
  10.  Why is it important to continually maintain and update information security measures in an organization?

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