New Podcast: ISO 27036 Part 2 – Clause 6 Unpacked: Information security in supplier relationship management

Howard and Jim chat about  ISO 27036 Part 2 – Clause 6 – Information security in supplier relationship management

Points discussed include:

  1.  How does the ISO Review podcast contribute to the understanding and implementation of ISO standards in various industries?
  2.  What are some practical steps that companies can take to ensure information security in supplier relationships?
  3.  How has the globalized supply chain impacted the security of information and data?
  4.  Why is it important for businesses to prioritize quality assurance processes and follow Mr. Deming’s principles?
  5.  In what ways can hardware and software work together to enhance information security and ensure smooth operations?
  6.  How can businesses effectively assess and manage the risks associated with information security in the supply chain?
  7.  What role does project management play in the acquisition process and information security management?
  8.  How do the principles outlined in ISO 27036 part two align with the practice of continuous improvement in business processes?
  9.  What are some common challenges and pitfalls that companies face when implementing information security measures in supplier relationships?
  10.  What resources or tools are available to businesses that want to learn more and improve their understanding of ISO standards and information security practices?

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