Are We Out of Context?

In Clause 4 of ISO Standards using the High Level Structure (HLS) you’ll see that we’re required to identify ‘internal issues’, ‘external issues’ and ‘interested parties and their requirements’. What possible value can this bring us?

First of all, change the word ‘issues’ to ‘conditions’ or ‘circumstances’ so that the negative association with the word ‘issues’ disappear. Next, develop a way to track conditions so they can be reviewed in Management Review (clause 9.3.2 b).

By taking some time to create a picture of your Context, you’ll be able to tweak your management system to get more value out of it and meet customer expectations more consistently (read: make more profit). Even for the Public Service you’ll be more likely to stay within your budget if you’re paying attention to your Context and tweaking your system as the conditions change.

Consider doing a PEST analysis as part of the exercise: Political, Economic, Social and Technological. Add in a SWOT exercise for risks (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats) and you’ll be well equipped to increase your resilience.

So take advantage of the hidden gems in the ‘Context’ clause – it will pay dividends!

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