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Are Our Measurements Helping Us Understand Customers?

John Seddon ( Tactics for Getting Started) has been helping companies improve processes for decades. He has improved organizations with ‘Systems Thinking’ based on Deming’s work and the Toyota Production System that Taiichi Ohno created in post WWII Japan. He […]

Structure Your Continual Improvement

For years we’ve had to demonstrate that we’ve improved the effectiveness of our management systems. It’s a great money-maker for the Private Sector and improving a management system helps the Public Sector work within their budgets. Easy words to say; […]

Give Me What I Want!

In 1980, The American Council of Retailers did some research on why people stopped doing business with various organizations. Here’s what they found in 1980: 64% left because they felt ignored 12% left because they were treated badly (that’s our […]

Putting Risk In Its Place

Risk is all around us, all the time! So where does the 10,000 mile journey of ‘risk management’ begin? ISO 31000:2018 has some ideas and can get you started. Managing risk pays many benefits including the enhancement of Organizational Resilience. […]

Are Your Measurements Killing Performance?

We all need to assess how well our system is working. It’s a requirement in section 9 of all the new Standards and it’s just a good thing to do for a business. One thing that is often overlooked when […]

Stop looking for non-conformances!

Getting value out of Internal Audits is a constant challenge. Many of our clients found it helpful to change the focus of their audits from ‘Are people following procedures?’  to ‘Find ways to improve our system’. By getting the focus […]

Understand Your Processes – Quality Culture – Block #3

Building Block #3 You need to understand your processes and their interactions very well We need to be clear about what we’re trying to do, and clear about values. The values must be communicated and understood – Values must become […]

All you need to know – Clause 10: Improvement

This is the final clause in the ‘All you need to know’ series. The series starts here with clause 4: Most of what you have in place for Improvement will work just fine here. The jaw dropper is the removal […]