Be Determined to Seek Quality – Quality Culture – Block #2

Building Block #2

We must to be determined to seek Quality

Any organization can say they are quality focused, but what activities would we see in our organizations if we were ‘actively seeking quality’? What would we point to if a potential customer asked how will we fill their orders? If we are focused on cutting costs or finding new clients or getting a late order shipped by a very expensive expediter, we’ve already missed the boat and are only paying lip service to the concept of being determined to seek quality.

“Nothing in the world”, said Calvin Coolidge, “can take the place of persistence.” We must pursue quality with persistence and always promote a consistent message. Quality is worth seeking.

Know Quality, Know profit – No Quality, No Profit.

This links to ISO 9001:2015  clause 5.1.1 h): ‘…engaging, directing and supporting persons to contribute to the effectiveness of the quality management system…’

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