Rounding Up Our Resources – ISO Clause 7

To deliver what your customer wants, you need resources! The better you manage them, the more profitable you’ll be. The better motivated your people are, the more resilient your organization will be, even in the Public Service – you’ll be more likely to stay within your budget if you manage your assets and your activities well.

Yes we need people (7.1.2) , but they need the right infrastructure (7.1.3) to work with. Then they need a supportive work environment (7.1.4) – not just comfortable temperatures. People need to feel physically safe, free from stress and confident that there’ll be a job for them tomorrow. Calibration (7.1.5) contributes to ‘the right result’ as does Organizational knowledge (7.1.6).

Other ways to maximize resource use:

  1. Competence (7.2) – invest in your people and reap the rewards
  2. Keep employees aware of the results you want (7.3) and they will perform better – this includes ‘…people working under the organizations’s control…’  i.e. subcontractors
  3. Improve Communications (7.4) for a better results – avoid ‘mushroom management’ where you keep people in the dark and feed them manure!
  4. Make sure everyone has access to the information they need (7.5) and it’s up to date. Nothing worse than wasting time hunting for information to get the results we want.

Know Quality, Know Profit…No Quality, No Profit

We have easy-to-use tools built into our Cloud-based Management System platform for managing your resources (a ‘New employee orientation’ record, for example). We’d be happy to spend 10 or 15 minutes with you to see if it’s a fit…

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