Five Tips to Get Management Buy-in

If your process improvement project has stalled, perhaps Management could give it a boost…if they’re on board!

The first key is to make sure they understand the context of the project and how it fits into current circumstances. If a project looks like it’s ‘out in left field’ it will be hard to get support for it.

Secondly, make sure that the project can be shown to reduce ‘pain’ for the Management whose support you’re seeking. We all tend to be more highly motivated when we’re avoiding pain rather than hoping for gain.

Third, Management is more likely to support a project if they know about the hurdles before they crop up. By showing that you’ve done this and can demonstrate a responsible level of risk management, you’ll get back on track.

Next, it’s important that Management understands how this activity fits into the ‘big picture’. Remember, their perspective is often broader than ours, and it’s important that we show them that we understand their viewpoint.

Finally, Management wants to be remembered – they want to leave a legacy. If you can show how the project will put their name up in lights, that could always a motivator to get them on board.

Know Quality, Know Profits…No Quality, No Profits

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