Customer Data – Now What??

The last two posts got us on the road to ‘understanding customers better’. By the time we’ve gathered information on our customers’ perceptions of how well we met their expectations, we could be lost in the weeds. ISO 10004 has some more guidelines on what to do next in Clauses 7.4 and 7.5…

1. Analyze Your Data with these 4 questions:

What’s the degree of customer satisfaction and can we see any trends?
What parts of our products, services or processes could have a significant impact on satisfaction? (Are they being managed well?)
What relevant information on competitors’ or comparable organizations’ products, services and processes do we have?
What are our strengths and primary areas for improvement?

2. Communicate!

Identify or establish the best forums and processes to review customer satisfaction information
Decide on what information should be communicated to whom (including customers)
Develop and implement action plans for improvement (see ISO Clause 6 for Action Plan requirements)
Review action plan implementation and results in management reviews, huddle meetings, OFI review sessions and any feedback tools you can access. Remember social media, too!

Make use of any feedback that will help you improve the customer experience in your organization – time well spent!

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