Know who you’re building Quality for! Quality Culture Block #10


Building Block #10

You need to know for whose sake quality is being designed into your organization

Here’s a quote from ISO 9000, clause 2.2.1 – the companion document to ISO 9001:

Quality focused organizations embrace a culture that inspires and drives behaviour, attitude, actions and processes in order to deliver valuethrough fulfilling the requirements of interested parties.

The quality of an organization’s products and services is determined by not only the ability to satisfy a particular customer but also the intended and unintended impact on other interested parties.

The quality of products and services include not only their intended function, but also their perceived value and benefit to the customer.

‘Interested parties’ is jumping out at us with this latest revision, and this broadens our earlier concept of a customer-centric world. Not gone, but modified.

We need to build quality into everything we do in order to create a quality culture. No small task, but taking bite-sized pieces one at a time with an understanding of the process flow is a good place to start. As Covey said, “Start with the end in mind”.

Know Quality, Know Profits…No quality, no profits

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