Be Prepared to Start Over – Quality Culture – Block #6

Building Block #6

You need to be prepared to start over again

Sometimes we just have to know when to quit, or admit that a ‘modification’ to an existing process is just not going to give us the best result. It’s easier to modify, (and usually less expensive) but it may a bit like putting a coat of paint on a leaking foundation. Ultimately, we’ll be disappointed.

We need to do a ‘cost versus benefit’ analysis and an estimate of the return on investment of doing a ground up new process versus retrofitting an existing one. Then top management buy in needs to happen and everybody wins. Top Management will be sending signals about the journey to a quality culture and those signals will make the road smooth or bumpy.

This links to ISO 9001:2015 clause 10.1 – Continual Improvement

Know Quality, Know profit – No Quality, No Profit.

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