Use the 6 Step MASTER Plan for a Better Learning Experience!

In their book ‘Accelerated Learning for the 21st Century’, Colin Rose and Malcolm J. Nichol laid out their 6-step ‘MASTER Plan’ for better learning – both taking training and giving it:

Motivate your mind – get excited about the information you’re about to digest

Acquire the information – gather information in the way that works best for you

Search out the meaning – look for implications (what could this affect?) and significance

Trigger the memory – use techniques like association, story telling, acronyms, mind maps, to help ‘store’ it

Exhibit what you know – practise yourself and with others and teach others what you learned

Reflect on how you’ve learned – what method of learning (audio, visual, concrete experiential) worked best for which parts?

By taking advantage of Rose and Nichol’s ‘MASTER’ plan, you’ll get more out of every learning experience and so will the people who attend your sessions!

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