Supercharge your Internal Audits

When we think of getting value out of Internal Audits, sometimes we draw a blank. Or we think that asking if everyone’s following their procedures will do the trick.

Here are 3 ways to get more value out of our Internal Audits:

  1. Use your flowcharts as the audit path

This helps us make sure everything’s in the right order and it lets us take a look at the handoff from one set of activities to the other. You’d be amazed (or not) at how many non-conformances take place in that gap – it’s easy to see how that could happen.

  1. Assess whether risk is being managed well at each step

This information can be used to meet the ‘Performance Evaluation’ requirement, clause 9.1.3 e) assess the effectiveness of ‘…actions taken to address risks and opportunities…’. These results can also contribute to ‘Management Review’ as well in clause 9.3.2 e)

  1. Do these activities support our Objectives?

By asking this question during the audit, we will make our people more aware of how they contribute to our objectives (clause 7.3, b) & c). This also helps employee involvement and supports the Management requirement for engagement of people (5.1.1 h).

By using our maps, assessing risk and opportunity activities and looking at objectives we can ‘Supercharge’ our internal audits, enhance employee engagement and get more value out of this (sometimes) tedious activity!

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