New Podcast: ISO 27001 Statement of Applicability Document

Howard and Jim chat about the ISO 27001:2022 – Statement of Applicability (SoA)

Items discussed include:

  • The Statement of Applicability is required for ISO 27001 certification. It’s a statement that explains which Annex A security controls are — or aren’t — applicable to your organization’s Information Security Management System (ISMS).

You can update your current ISO 27001 Statement of Applicability (SoA) like this:

  • Compare your current SoA to the new requirements – there are charts in the new Standard showing the connections
  • Identify the business owners in the various risk areas, and assign a high-medium-low value to the risk, and then revise your Information Security Risk Treatment Plans
  • Update your Risk Treatment Plans to keep you protected
  • Keep your Risk Treatment Plans dynamic – threats never sleep!

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On Our Next Episode

In the next episode of the ISO Review Podcast, Jim will discuss what you need to know about integrating ISO 27001 into an existing ISO 9001 QMS.