Management Commitment – Fact or Fiction?

Not all of the managers that I’ve met over the years have been able to actually demonstrate that they are meeting the requirements of the ‘Leadership’ section of the Standard. On a few occasions I’ve run a training course and as an exercise, we took the requirements from Clause 5 and turned them into a survey. In the case of ISO 9001:2015, there are 10 requirements. We laid them out in a column and had a 1 – 10 scale running across the page horizontally.

Participants scored their management from 1 – 10 on each of the requirements then added the column up to get a total. The best score possible for the 10 requirements would be 100 and the score reflected the perception of the employees and their view of Management. Across the groups where I ran this exercise, the scores ranged from the mid-sixties to the mid-seventies when we totalled them up.

Next, have Management rate themselves on the same requirements and compare the scores. This will give management an idea where their efforts may not be recognized, or they may be misunderstood. In any case, the exercise helps turn fiction into fact, and everyone wins!

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