I Can’t Get No…Customer Satisfaction!!!

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ISO 10004 has some ideas for us on how to go about getting a handle on this elusive number. First, there’s a ‘concept’ diagram – a great place to start:

By getting a handle on customers’ expectations, you’ll be able to tell more about how well you’ve satisfied them. Why do this? It can help us stay close to our customers and stay in business. The level of satisfaction is the difference between what the customer thought they were going to get (expectations) and what they perceived that they got. If it’s a ‘plus’, they’re satisfied. If it’s a ‘minus’ they won’t be back and won’t recommend us.

Why might we want to evaluate satisfaction? Do any of these resonate?

  • to evaluate customer’s perceptions about our products and services – current and/or new
  • to get information on other aspects of the customer experience – warranty support, returning phone calls and e-mails, accurate information on the website;
  • to find out why customers are doing business with us and why they are leaving;
  • to monitor trends in customer satisfaction;
  • compare our customer satisfaction to other organizations

Analyze Indirect Indicators like complaints, trends in returns, feedback on social sites, service feedback, reports from supplier surveys, consumer reports, industry studies, Regulatory agency reports and any other sources that might shed some light.

Look at Direct Indicators like geographical distribution of customers, customer interaction data like frequency, amounts, length of visit, products and services consumed and the cost of measuring their satisfaction.

It’s a lot of work – how much is our business worth to us?

Know Quality, Know Profit…No Quality No Profit

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