Employee engagement – WIIFM?

“What’s in it for me?” is a question everybody asks at one time or another. You’d think ‘What goes around comes around’ would be enough to engage and contribute, but not everyone believes in Karma.

So if you feel that employee engagement would help your organization (I can guarantee it will!) and you want to be able to meet one of the Leadership requirements (5.1.1 h) try these ideas to get employees involved. Your employees are the experts in their field and will have the best ideas for how to improve processes. Better processes (more effective, more efficient) will lead to more profit for the Private sector and help keep you within your budget in the Public sector.

Bob Nelson wrote a whole series years ago starting with the title, “1001 Ways to Reward Employees” and he’s been updating and adding to the titles. They are really worth reading. The University of Washington put together a one-pager on Nelson’s first work, and proposed these ideas for us:

1. Match the reward to the person – individualized recognition is certainly better than a standard pat on the back.

2. Match the reward to the the achievement – a gold star for taking out the garbage is not quite what we’re talking about!

3. Be timely and specific – “strike while the iron is hot” will get the best results, every time.

The paper goes on to talk about daily recognition, group recognition, awards and more. This is not easy and takes time to do. The return on investment will astound you!

Know Quality, Know Profit – No Quality, No Profit

You may enjoy our YouTube channel for videos of these tips: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCrt2Hgj-5AjHKEvyf2ssZ8g

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