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Why Do A Root Cause Analysis – What’s In It For Me?

Root Cause Analysis is one of the best investments an organization can make in itself. Preventing a problem from recurring is like taking a wheelbarrow of money to the bank! As for the ‘WIIFM?’ let’s start with this ‘cost of […]

Two Management System Mistakes We Make

Seth Godin is one of my favourite authors – a great thinker and terrific business person. Even though he’s not ‘ISO’ his thoughts on ‘systems’ fit beautifully. The first mistake we make is the underestimation of the importance of something. […]

From ‘Thinking’ to ‘Action’

This is a solid set of steps developed by James P. Womack in his book Lean Thinking. He was into the Lean stream very early and has done some great work. He mentions Taiichi Ohno and The Toyota Production System in […]

Learn to ‘See’… Learn to ‘Lead’

John Seddon, Vanguard Consulting, published a book in 2005 called “Freedom from Command and Control”. Definitely worth reading if you’re interested in tapping the vast potential of any workforce. One of his interesting ideas is ‘Learn to see, learn to […]

The Challenge of Change!

Most of us like variety, but not everyone likes change. What I’ve discovered over the years is that if I decide that it’s going to be different, I call it variety. If you tell me that it’s going to be different, I […]

Give your employees credit for having a brain

One way to simplify your management system is to reduce the number of super-detailed text-based procedures. Once they are in place, you might be temped to audit simply to see if everyone’s following them. This causes two problems. The first […]

Trade off other Values for Quality??

Building Block #9 You need to be ready to trade off other values in favour of Quality There’s an anecdotal ‘constraint model’ in the world of Engineering: Quality – Price – Timing: pick any two. By staying focused on ‘errors […]

Buddy, can you spare some change?

ISO 9001:2015 Clause 6: Planning The current version of ISO 9001 has some important requirements for managing change. This is no surprise, and we are wise to remember that change introduces risk into our organizations. So when you’re planning a change […]